How Sew In Weave

Most ladies either prefer to wear their natural hair or wear weaves. Weaves are popular as they allow the natural hair to grow. Learning how to sew in weave is a task that should be enjoyable. Below we look at what you need as you get to know how to sew in weave.

What You Need To Have

1) Tracks

These are weaving hair placed on wefts. They should match your hair texture and hair color.

2) Thread and Needle

These are for weaving the weave. A hook needle is preferable.

3) Other items

Other items you need are: a brush, a scissor, a curling or a flat iron, combs and a polishing gloss. Synthetic or human hair is a basic requirement.

Steps Taken To Sew In Weave

Having assembled the above items, wash your own hair then treat it with hot oil, see Trim it by one inch then braid it up. Leave out the bangs and some hair to cover the tracks in the crown. You can choose different styles for different braids.

In this guide, you will braid your straight back taking the shape of cornrows then connect the braids into just one that goes to the back of your head. Braid the row of hair close to the nape into one braid that goes across and connect the ends to the previous ones. Use weaving thread to braid cornrows to make them tight and avoid them coming off as you wash your hair.

Tuck the loose ends under the braid and use a thread to secure them. Measure your track starting from the first row. This should be from the side close to the nape to the second. Cut the exact length and now sew the track to the braid. Do these to the remaining rows until you get to the crown.

If there is hair left out of your crown comb it down to cover tracks. Apply polishing gloss. You then flat iron your natural hair to make it blend together with the tracks. If you have extra growth, pay attention to your roots, trim the extension ends so the layers are defined and the face is framed. Use the flat iron to bump the ends. This covers the tracks.


With practice, the above steps should be easy to follow if you want to learn how to sew in weaves. Keep practicing with easy styles before you try complex styles.